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hello, can i ask po where i can purchase oxbow pellets? i contacted pet supply depot already and they are out of stock.. 21. March 2015


I am actually looking for new suppliers too! I don’t know when Pet Supply Depot stopped stocking Oxbow pellets but I hope it isn’t permanent 🙁 Sorry I still don’t have an answer for your question, but I will post on my blog if I find another supplier 🙂

Can i ask how much does the hay at Cartimar cost? & how much is in one bag? Thank you 🙂 9. March 2015

It depends on the brand and the type of hay that you’re buying. For example, a 750g bag of Choppy Timothy Hay would cost you around P250-P300, while alfalfa can be acquired for a much cheaper price (around P200). They also have a larger bag of meadow hay (I forgot the size) that costs around the same price as the timothy hay.

Where did you purchase your hay racks? Great site, what lucky pigs! 1. March 2015

Hi, I got my feeders from the US (back when pet supply stores didn’t have those here yet) but now they are also being sold in Cartimar and Hobbes & Landes Petropolis in Bonifacio High Street Taguig 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂

Where can i get a pair of female abyssinian guinea pigs? I’ve been wanting to get a pair but i can’t find any, only peruvians…. 19. December 2014

Hello there!

I’ve been seeing a lot of Abyssinian guinea pigs up for adoption recently. You can try searching for them on Facebook groups such as “PHILIPPINES ORGANIZATION OF GUINEA PIG” or “Free Pet Adoption Philippines”. You can also find Abyssinian guinea pigs from breeders; choose your breeder carefully and, if you would like, ask if you can meet all the piggies and the parents so you can find your perfect match. Hope that helped!

My pig is one month old. Like you, I’ve been feeding him Hagen Cobayes pellets. I’ve also bought Kaytee alfalfa hay, but I read that I shouldn’t since I’m already feeding him alfalfa pellets. What kind of hay should I be getting? And where could I purchase it? I’m based in Makati. Thanks! 14. September 2014

Hi there,

It is recommended that you feed your guinea pigs timothy hay, and that you give unlimited amounts of it. You can get timothy hay from Cartimar or Tiendesitas, they sell large bags for P250 each. But if you would like to shop online, I recommend getting your supplies from Pet Supply Depot. They sell Oxbow and Kaytee Timothy Hay there too.

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