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Hi! I wanted know where exactly pet supply depot is located, because I am getting a pair of guinea pigs and I want to get them some cage accessories, food and other things they might need. 26. April 2015

Pet Supply Depot is an online shop, found here 🙂 You can contact them at 09272819045 🙂

Hello! The c & c cage looks wonderful! Can I ask exactly where I can buy it from? Which ace hardware stor in manilawhere I can buy the grids? Thank. 26. April 2015

Thank you! 🙂 You can buy the grids in Ace Hardware or in a Japan home store (I also heard that there are grids in Divisoria, but I have to verify that first :D).

Tip: If you’re buying from Ace Hardware, be sure to show the staff the photos of the grid for them to know what you’re looking for. A lot of them won’t know what you’re talking about if you say grids or cubes, and they will tell you that they don’t have them.

If you can’t find grids, you can use other alternative materials such as bathroom shelvings (something like this if you’re unsure), or even doggie playpens (I’ve tried the playpen and it works perfectly :D)

Hi! I am planning on buying guinea pigs! So I was wondering which breeder to buy or adopt healthy guinea pigs from. Because the last time I had them, they died very soon. So it would be nice to know healthy guinea pig breeders or reliable rescue centres. Thank you 🙂 23. April 2015

Hi! 🙂

Sadly, there aren’t any guinea pig rescues in the Philippines so it can be very hard to find adoptable guinea pigs. You can still buy from breeders though, most of them have listings and photos online of their available cavies. Some breeders post in OLX but the more reliable ones have pages or accounts on Facebook where you can inquire about their guinea pigs. To help you start looking, there are good breeders in the Facebook group “PHILIPPINES ORGANIZATION OF GUINEA PIG”. They post regularly and they have different breeds too so feel free to ask them 🙂

hello, can i ask po where i can purchase oxbow pellets? i contacted pet supply depot already and they are out of stock.. 21. March 2015


I am actually looking for new suppliers too! I don’t know when Pet Supply Depot stopped stocking Oxbow pellets but I hope it isn’t permanent 🙁 Sorry I still don’t have an answer for your question, but I will post on my blog if I find another supplier 🙂

Can i ask how much does the hay at Cartimar cost? & how much is in one bag? Thank you 🙂 9. March 2015

It depends on the brand and the type of hay that you’re buying. For example, a 750g bag of Choppy Timothy Hay would cost you around P250-P300, while alfalfa can be acquired for a much cheaper price (around P200). They also have a larger bag of meadow hay (I forgot the size) that costs around the same price as the timothy hay.

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