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My 3 month old guinea pig has suddenly stopped eating. Last she had her normal meal was more than 18 hours ago. During last four hours, she has taken 1.5 ml water, aprox. 2ml vitamin c, and 0.2 ml pellet mash through a 1 ml syringe. She’s not making any wheeking noises. Physically she is okay but, is a bit lethargic. She passed a small quantity of urine in the last 4 hours. It being a Sunday, I don’t have access to her vet. (Dr. Glenn) Are there any good vets for guinea pigs who work on Sundays? Any tips for handling her for next 24 to 36 hours will be helpful. 27. July 2015

Your piggy’s situation does sound alarming; the things you did so far are good and will help ensure that she still gets the nutrition she needs. I’d say that you continue hydrating and force feeding her if she still doesn’t eat by herself, you have to do this every few hours or so. You should also monitor her weight to see if the amount of feeding is enough to retain nutrients and weight in her body; a drastic drop in weight in a few hours is not a good sign.

If you have probiotics in stock, this will also help to increase her appetite while she still has no access to a vet that will treat her.

Many vet offices that treat guinea pigs are open during weekends. Some of them are Vets In Practice Mandaluyong, Animal House Makati, and Animal Care Specialists in Tiendesitas. For more options, check out this page.

I hope your piggy gets well soon!

Hi! It has officially been a month with my girls and they are very nice and obedient girls 🙂 Although I’m still trying to gain their trust. I feel like right now they are only comfortable with one things. And this is hand feeding. They don’t mind eating from my hands, especially if they’re hungry. And sometimes, they will even sniff me. But then for weeks, I feel like we haven’t gone any step further. I guess that’s normal, but how do I let them now that I mean no harm. I even tried bringing them out for floortime, but they just wouldn’t interact with me at all. Also, they have adjusted to their new home so I don’t know why they won’t let me pet them or interact with me during floortime. Any suggestions on how I can get them to trust me? Thanks 🙂 23. July 2015

It’s okay to feel that there is little or no progress! Sometimes after the first few milestones it can take a while for the next big progress to happen 🙂 But as I see it, I think you’re doing great. The fact that your pigs are comfortable with hand feeding is already a great sign!

Some piggies like to interact with their humans during floortime but a lot don’t, since they take floortime as a time for themselves to play together in a big space. Don’t feel so bad if they’re not interacting with you during this time since they’re just busy with exploring their surroundings. Just stay there to supervise them and they will realize that you don’t mean to harm them 🙂

Hi! It has been a week since my piggies have come home and it is lovely to have them. They are such cute piggies! Although they are still settling down, they do let me hand feed them veggies. But every time I try to pet them, they freak out. How can I get them more used to me? Also, when do you suppose is a good time to get them out for floor and lap time? Because right now they get scared every time I try to pet or pick them up. Just wanted know when because I have heard people say that I should take them out everyday so they can get used to the human. But I don’t want to freak them out even more. Also, what brand of pellets do you give your guinea pigs? Thanks 9. July 2015


It’s perfectly normal for piggies to be nervous when they’re in a new environment so you have nothing to worry about. Since they have already been with you for one week, you can already try handling them. But you should do this slowly and if they are still freaking out when you are trying to pick them up, you can try picking them up with a towel, tunnel, or cuddle cup. Eventually, they will get used to you handling them and they will realize that laptime and floortime aren’t so bad after all!

I used to give my piggies Oxbow pellets but since there’s a shortage of Oxbow supplies right now, I give Jolly pellets as a substitute but I give it to them sparingly because it’s alfalfa-based.

hi i was wondering, if their are tips on how to take care of 2 month old piggies ☺ I just got them todaay and I’m a bit nervous because it’s my first time to have guinea pigs but I read all tips on how to take care of them and stuff. So yeah, if you have more tips and idk yeah 🙂 i adopted a male and a female piggy btw x 8. July 2015

Congratulations on your new piggies and I’m sure you will enjoy taking care of them! 🙂

As for tips, I recommend making a large cage for your piggies if you can find the materials. It’s well worth it in the long run and you can easily expand if you want to. Plus, your piggies will show more personality and will lead happier and healthier lives inside a larger cage. But of course, don’t forget to give them floortime even if they have a big cage!

I would also recommend finding a vet for your piggies right now even if they’re not sick yet. Since they’re still new, I recommend that you bring them in for their first check-up as soon as possible. If you don’t want them to have babies (and believe me, guinea pigs can get uncontrollable once they start multiplying!), get your piggies neutered at the vet as soon as possible.

I hope these tips helped and enjoy your piggies! 🙂

Hello! I just got m fleece blanket yesterday for my piggies’ cage bedding. Although I have washed it three times without any detergent powder, it still doesn’t absorb the water. Instead, water is present on the fleece as droplets. Am I doing something wrong? Please help 🙂 Also, I just saw your recent post 🙂 Where’d you get the chewable tunnel for your guinea pigs from? 8. July 2015


Have you tried hand washing or washing the blanket without fabric softener? Make sure that there’s no fabric softener when you’re washing the blanket; on the other hand, laundry detergent is fine (choose the ones with no fabcon!). If you’re already doing that and you still have the same problem, you may have to try a few more washes 🙂

I bought the tunnel from Hobbes and Landes Petropolis 🙂

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