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What are the diets of your guinea pigs? ๐Ÿ™‚ 13. September 2015

My guinea pigs’ diet consists of unlimited hay, vegetables, and pellets. Hay is the most important component of their diet because guinea pigs need unlimited hay not only for nutrition but also for wearing down their teeth. I normally feed them timothy hay, but star grass and meadow hay are good alternatives too. I used to feed them alfalfa hay when they were young, but now that they’re older I don’t feed them that anymore since alfalfa is only suitable for young or pregnant pigs.

As for vegetables, you should feed them veggies with high vitamin C content because just like us, they get their vitamin C from external sources such as food and vitamins. Some of the veggies that I give on a daily basis are lettuce, tomatoes, bellpeppers, and cucumbers. You can also give them fruits as treats. They should not be fed fruits daily because they have high sugar content.

For pellets, I don’t feed pellets mixed with seeds and nuts since they are choking hazards for guinea pigs.ย When choosing pellets, you should consider the vitamin C content and the base ingredient. Most pellets that are being sold in the Philippines are alfalfa-based, which means that they may be too rich for adult guinea pigs and may cause illness or weight problems. When I feed alfalfa pellets, I just limit the serving and give them more vegetables and hay instead. Hope this helped!

Where’d you get a litter box and how do you actually make them use it? 30. August 2015

Hi! I’ve seen litter boxes being sold in Cartimar and Bonifacio High Street. But you can also make your own using corrugated plastic. They’re easy to come by in any National Bookstore branch.

Piggies love to poo and pee where they eat, so I put their hay holder above the box. Soon, you’ll see that most of their waste will go in the litter box (apart from their hidey houses), which will make it easier to clean ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s the best place to adopt or purchase a new guinea pig? 22. August 2015

For adoption, we still don’t have shelters here in the Philippines so the best way is to join various guinea pig groups on Facebook or other social networking sites. A lot of users post photos of their adoptable guinea pigs so you have many choices from different locations. You can also purchase guinea pigs from these groups since many breeders are also active in the community.

Good luck and best wishes to you and your soon-to-be piggy baby!

How can you tell the age of your guinea pigs????? 2. August 2015

There is no surefire way to tell the exact age of a guinea pig especially without a medical exam, but you can look at some factors like weight and nails to approximate.

In my experience, young guinea pigs weigh around 200 to 400 grams and then during adulthood their weights will stabilize to around 600 to 900 grams. For the nails, younger pigs usually have sharper and more pointy nails than adults, and adult nails are usually thicker.

If you would like a more thorough assessment, you can always consult a vet in your area and ask about your piggies’ age.

I love my guinea pigs and I spoil them. When I was playing with one of them, I noticed a bald spot and I suspect mites. Are there any treatment for them? 2. August 2015

Yes, there are treatments for mites. Veterinarians use Ivermectin or Selamectin for mites treatment, and the dosage depends for each pig. If you suspect that one of your piggies has mites, go to the vet immediately because it can quickly escalate into hair loss and infections that can be painful for your guinea pigs.

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