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Hi! Saan kaya pinaka ok na vet for guinea pigs? Any doctor recommendation 20. May 2018

I only know about vets in Metro Manila, and I get my guinea pigs checked at Animal Care Specialists in Tiendesitas 🙂 It’s a branch of the Vets In Practice chain of veterinary clinics. The main branch is located in Mandaluyong. The main branch has emergency services (Animal Care Specialists doesn’t) so it’s good to know just in case something happens.

You can check also the list of vets here to see their addresses and contact details 😀

hello! not so sure if you’re still online… but i am wondering if i can contact you any other way because i would like to ask several questions and tips, thank you!! <3 20. May 2018

Hi! 🙂 Thanks for sending this question, otherwise I wouldn’t have been alerted that the site’s contact form isn’t working!

It’s working now though, so you can head to the Contact Me page and send me an e-mail 🙂

Hi, I came across your site. Because I have serious problems finding hay in my country and I pay like 200 $ to get it from the US. I have an alternative for star hay but I’m afraid it can cause some sort of problems in the long run. I was wondering did you continue feeding this hay to your piggies? 25. September 2017

Well, my guinea pigs ate star grass hay for quite a long time and they didn’t have any problem with it 🙂 So don’t worry, it’s perfectly okay to feed them star grass hay 😀

Hi yung smartheart guinea pig food ba maganda para sa pigs? 😊 4. September 2017

Hello! 🙂 Unfortunately that brand is alfalfa-based (good for young guinea pigs and nursing mommas but too rich for adult piggies); but then again, most pellets sold in the PH are alfalfa-based. Pero the good thing about this brand is that it has no mixture of seeds or nuts in it, so better siya when it comes to that. Ideal kasi na pure pellets lang and walang halong anything. It also has vitamin C in it so that’s a good thing. So if you’re planning to feed your piggies this brand, okay naman siya but feed sparingly na lang kasi nga too rich for adult piggies 🙂

Hello! Have you tried flying with your guinea pigs domestically? I know PAL allows usual pets and birds, but I haven’t heard anything about guinea pigs. Thank you! 1. August 2017

Hi! I haven’t tried flying with my guinea pigs yet, but I think I’ve heard of some people who have done that. You can call or email the airlines to ask yourself, I’m sorry I couldn’t help much. Good luck 🙂

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