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The future of Wheeky Piggy

I had so many plans for this blog during the months approaching my graduation. But Freya and Ellie’s unexpected demise got me thinking whether I should still continue running this site. After all, this is a guinea pig care blog, and I would have nothing to share if Freya and Ellie weren’t here.

But after pondering on it for a bit, I decided to keep this site up. Looking at the blog’s stats made me see that a lot of people who found this site or commented on my posts were looking for information on guinea pig supplies and vets. So, I will keep this blog up to serve as the go-to place for information regarding those topics. I will also continue to be open for questions that anyone might have so I will keep the contact form and Ask pages open. But I don’t think I will be posting any more entries because, again, the blog would not have any content without Freya and Ellie.

To everyone who visited this blog and left really nice comments both in my posts and through e-mail, thank you very much for your support. I wish I posted more content more often, but anyway, I really appreciate all the love you have given me and my two girls. You are all loved <3

With that said, all is not lost. I have a whole treasure trove of Freya and Ellie’s old photos, so if you’re up for some daily dose of cuteness, you can follow Wheeky Piggy’s Instagram account! I will be posting Freya and Ellie’s photos to honor their memory and to share the joy they have brought me in our 5 years together. <3

Again, thank you very much and who knows, maybe we’ll see a revival of this blog in the future! 😉

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