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Update: Finding grids

Quick update for everyone!

I often get questions from people about C&C cage materials, specifically cube grids. For some reason, finding cube grids has been difficult recently and this is putting off some people from making their own guinea pig cages.

If you’re one of those people wondering where to find cube grids in Metro Manila, you’re in luck, because I happened to chance upon a store selling LOTS of them at Divisoria’s 168 Shopping Mall!

These grids are actually being sold as storage/display solutions, but they’re perfect for guinea pig cages!

The grids sell for P40 each.

They even have different sizes, if you want to build larger cages or add smaller expansions.

The specific stall I saw selling these grids is on the 2nd floor, Pasilyo 2T. The store’s front display has mannequins for sale so you may not be able to notice the grids right away. But you’ll know when you’ve reached it because you will see a curtain vendor right in front of the store.

I hope this helped you get your cube grids fix and happy shopping!

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