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New guinea pig checklist

These days, I’ve been receiving many emails asking me for tips in caring for a new guinea pig, or how to prepare for the arrival of a new guinea pig. I might consider starting a series or a frequently asked questions section just so I can share with everyone the tips that I gave these readers.

But if there’s one tip that I’m going to give right now, it’s this: Good guinea pig care starts even before your piggies arrive in your home.

Why? Well, besides bracing yourself for the added responsibility a new guinea pig will bring, you will also need to prepare many things to meet their needs, especially during their first few weeks. Check out the infographic below for some recommendations on what to prepare before your piggies arrive:

What other things do you think should one prepare when bringing home a new guinea pig? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

4 thoughts on “New guinea pig checklist

  1. Ingrid

    Good morning
    We have 5 guinea pigs .
    4 females and a male .
    We didn’t know how to take care of guinea pigs before the reason we had 5.
    It started with 2.
    They’re now a year old .
    Unfortunately they have lice those small dots that stick to their fur .
    We fear they’re getting weaker .
    We still need to find a good decent exotic vet near fairview quezon city.
    Please we need your advise .
    We love our piggies so much but we can’t afford pricey things for them.
    We have yet to find a pet store that sells hays and pellets near fairview.
    We can’t afford to go to cartimar or tiendesitas after church all the time.
    Thank you
    God bless you for all the assistance and love you give

    1. Claudine Post author

      Hi Ingrid!

      First of all, I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to your guinea pigs 🙁 Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the Fairview area, but have you tried inquiring in vet clinics in your area regarding exotic vets? Maybe call several clinics first and ask them if they have exotic vets onboard. Sorry if I couldn’t name specific clinics because I only know some clinics in the Katipunan area, but not in Fairview.

      As for the hay and pellets, maybe you can go and check SM Fairview first, I think there’s a Bioresearch store in that mall 🙂

      PS: I e-mailed you too, I hope everything goes well!

  2. ainahsmae

    Hello! I was reading your updated vets, I am a fairly new guinea pig owner. Regarding vets how much does it cost you now for a check up? Found your comment in 2015 that it was 250-300. Did it change now? Thank you!

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