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Freya and Ellie’s 4th: A throwback

Today is Freya and Ellie’s 4th birthday. Time flies! I can’t believe how big Freya and Ellie have gotten. I also can’t believe that it’s been that long since these two girls came into my life. I guess time does fly when you’re having fun!

For this year’s birthday post, I am going toΒ look back on our first meeting 4 years ago, and all the quirks they had when they first came home.Β I don’t think I’ve shared this with everyone yet, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

I’ve mentioned once that Freya and Ellie are very territorial, so it’s hard for me to imagine how they were able to stay put in a small Zest-O cardboard box without bickering or hurting each other. They were crammed together in that one box and had a few stalks of grass inside for them to munch on.

When we came home, I immediately put them into the cage I prepared before their arrival. I didn’t know better then and I didn’t know about DIY cages yet, so their first home was a pet store cage.

From the first time I held them to place them in the cage, I immediately knew who would be the more difficult one to tame. I had no problem putting Ellie in the cage, but it took me quite a while to get a hold of Freya. She was kicking me all over just so I wouldn’t be able to touch her. When I finally got her to the cage, the first thing Freya did was hide in the cardboard hidey house I made, while Ellie immediately munched on the hay I gave them.

From the start, Ellie was the more outgoing and sociable piggy. She was immediately comfortable eating and drinking in front of me, while Freya waited until I left my room before eating. And on their second day at home, I could already pet her. Freya, however, never went out of the hidey house while I was around.

Ellie's first lap time! πŸ™‚ #guineapigs

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It took quite a while for them to get used to taking food from my hand. But once they did, everything started getting better in terms of taming them. In fact, in just a few days after our first successful hand feeding session, they became comfortable enough to wheek for food!

Ellie and Freya eat cilantro for the first time! #guineapigs #playtime

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Mommy, where is our apple? Wheek! #guineapigs

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After introducing them to their surroundings and getting them used to being handled, the next step was to introduce them to floortime. While Ellie was immediately drawn to the idea of roaming around the room, Freya didn’t like floortime that much at first. During her first floortime, she immediately went back, and at one point she was even biting on the bars, begging to be taken back (and sometimes she still does this)!

Back to cage please πŸ™ I miss my unlimited food! #guineapigs #nofilter #floortime

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But when she finally found out what floortime is for, she didn’t want to have anything to do with me:

Floortime action movie feat. Freya #guineapigs #adventure #playtime

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It’s so nice to look back and recall the first time the girls came to my life, and while writing this and looking at their old photos, I realized that some things have changed. Now, Freya and Ellie prefer hanging out with their humans than running around during floortime. They have also grown so much bigger and happier since I put them in a DIY cage. They still love to wheek for food, and they do it a lot! And while they’re still the best of friends, they can also sometimes be the worst enemies when it comes to food, hidey houses, and human attention. Indeed, so much has changed in the 4 years I’ve had them, and I am so happy that I got to witness these things. Our relationship was not always easy, sometimes they hate me with a passion too (*cough* especially on vet days). But at the end of the day, I love these little girls so much and I look forward to spending many more years with them!

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