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Lap time (oops, FaceTime)

So as you guys know, I am currently residing in Taipei for my graduate studies. I’m only gone for a few months at a time since I go home during semestral breaks. But despite this, I know you guys would agree that it’s really difficult when you live far away from your beloved piggies! I mean, I trust my family to take care of them but at times I really just want to be there to care for them personally. Sometimes, I find myself wanting to play with my piggies but they’re not around, and it makes me quite lonely.

Thank goodness for technology though, because through it I can still talk to Freya and Ellie and see them anytime I want to. My family and I call each other almost every day and they show me the girls too when we’re talking.

I love talking to Freya and Ellie on video. It’s cute because sometimes they would just stay silent and pose for the camera, but there are times when they would also wheek away while we’re talking, as if they had their own stories to tell!

Freya photoBUM-ing.

Freya loves getting too close to the camera. Perhaps she’s admiring her cute face?

But there are times when they don’t want to talk at all!

Please excuse my weird look 😛

It’s difficult not being there to care for them but I guess I have no reason to complain – I’m happy that I still get to see and talk to Freya and Ellie despite the distance, and I love seeing them doing well at home even when I’m not there.

But of course, I still look forward to vacations so I can be with them! 🙂

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