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Ellie’s trick

Most people don’t think that guinea pigs can be trained to learn tricks. Guinea pigs are actually able to learn simple tricks such as stand, circle, come, and many more. It takes a lot of work, though. I tried teaching these tricks to Freya and Ellie and failed. It’s funny that I can’t get them to do these simple tricks but somehow managed to teach Ellie to do something quite unusual: a wave, which we like to call her “cute wave”.

Now, Ellie doesn’t really do the waving gesture, but what she does is raise her paw and hold it in front of her face like this:


Technically, I did not really train Ellie to do this because she already knew how to do it. I saw that she was quite fond of using this gesture, so I tried to say some commands that she would associate with that action, like “Wave”. So whenever she did that, I would say the command so that she would remember it easily. Eventually, she would do the action when she hears the command.

For other tricks, I guess you can use a similar approach, though I’m not exactly sure how it works since I was unable to teach them other tricks. They’re still trying to learn “stand” as of the moment, but they’re not yet consistent so it’s still a work in progress.

Oh, and if you’re trying to teach your piggies to do tricks, always remember that treats and rewards are very useful and highly appreciated!

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