Wheeky Piggy

Attention seeking girls

I like to travel, and I usually go away for weeks or months at a time, and Freya and Ellie have different ways of welcoming me and asking for my attention after a long time of not seeing me. They usually don’t mind me being away for a few weeks but this is the longest time I’ve ever been away from the girls (5 months, to be exact), so I didn’t know what to expect. The things they did to get my attention after I arrived were really cute, though!

Since I got home, Freya has been extra clingy and noisy. Well, Freya has always been noisy and talkative, but she’s not clingy at all. In fact, she doesn’t like lap time and hates being carried. But during the past few weeks, she always stands at the cage bars whenever I come and is always asking to be picked up – which is unusual but definitely great for me, since I get to play with my little girl!

“Heeeeey let’s play!”

Ellie, however, is the total opposite. Whenever I would come back from a long vacation, she would turn from a calm lap pig to an aggressive snob. She still lets me touch her, of course, but she would run away to her igloo whenever I try to pick her up. Also, sometimes, she would just bite my shirt and her cuddle cup (and sometimes even my fingers) during lap time. It would take a few days to a couple of weeks for her to go back to her usual gentle self. It’s as if she’s reprimanding me for leaving her, which is also quite sweet if you think about it!

“I don’t feel like playing, hoomin”

My winter vacation is ending and I’m going back next week for the start of the second semester… I’m going to miss these lovely girls and their cute ways of seeking attention 🙁

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