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Review: Pinoy Pet Cuddle Cup

When I first got Freya and Ellie, I would do lap time with them while they’re lying on a towel laid down on my lap, which is not the safest and most comfortable way to hold them. Eventually, I found Pinoy Pet Cuddle Cup, which makes cuddle cups, beds, hammocks, and other accessories for small animals. They have an adorable sugar glider as a model in their website and Etsy page, but I assure you that these beds and accessories work very well for guinea pigs too.

You can order cuddle cups in several sizes and you can even choose the design of the fabrics you want. The inside of the cuddle cup is fleece, and it does a very good job of keeping your piggies dry.

The only problem I can see with this is that you will have to wash or clean the inside quite often, since guinea pig hair tend to stick to the fabrics. Sometimes Freya likes to poop or pee in it too, especially during lap time. It does not smell though, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Oops, looks like I disturbed her...

Oops, looks like I disturbed her…


Freya and Ellie really love their beds. It’s just the right size for them and sometimes they even fall asleep in it.¬†They even stretch their legs, a sure sign that they’re relaxed! And I like how you can hold it comfortably during lap time, so you won’t be worrying about them falling off the sides. The design is really good and the fabric patterns are all very cute. I would definitely recommend this product and I’m sure your guinea pigs would enjoy them too!

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