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Book review: My Guinea Pig and Me

Before Freya and Ellie came to my life, I did lots of research regarding guinea pig care. I visited several websites and read lots of books so that I would know the best way to care for them. I even bought illustrated guinea pig care guide books to give me a better idea on their behaviors. One of the books I read and thoroughly enjoyed is My Guinea Pig and Me, and I’m going to share why.

The book cover. I think the image perfectly illustrates a guinea pig’s personality… because guinea pigs love to eat!

The book offers lots of information, from a piggy’s basic needs, to things you can do in order to entertain and befriend your guinea pig.

Besides information, the book also has stories about real-life guinea pigs and their antics. As you spend more time taking care of your guinea pigs, you will find the stories very relatable.


It’s a very fun and infromative book, and the illustrations are cute. There are some sections I don’t agree with, such as guinea pig housing (because I think bigger cages are better for guinea pigs), but the book has most guinea pig care basics covered. I also like that you can write some information about your guinea pigs and vet contact details at the back of the book, so that petsitters or family members have something to refer to in cases of emergency. All guinea pig lovers will definitely enjoy this book and find it useful.

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