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LBC Shipping Cart

Despite the increase in pet supply stores carrying guinea pig supplies and accessories (both online and physical), there are still so many things that we cannot buy or find here. In those cases, I generally like to improvise and use common household items or pet merchandise as alternatives, but sometimes I really find myself wanting to buy the exact thing (this especially holds true for piggy accessories on Etsy!).

One thing that makes online shopping difficult is that some sellers do not ship to the Philippines. There are also some cases where the shipping fee is really high, the hassle would not be worth it. Luckily, LBC offers LBC Shipping Cart, which offers to ship your goods from the USA to any point in the Philippines. So how does it work?

When you sign up in their website, you will be given a US address, which you will input as your shipping address when you checkout in any online shopping site. The seller will ship to this US address. When the LBC warehouse receives your package, they will store it for you until you pay them for shipping. You can pay through credit card, Paypal, or over-the-counter at LBC branches.

There are two options for shipping your package: air cargo and sea cargo. Air cargo is more expensive but also faster so the options you choose will depend entirely on the price you’re willing to pay and the time you’re willing to wait for the package. Both air and sea cargo options are calculated based on the package’s weight. To save on costs, you can bundle all your products together in one box before you pay.

You will receive regular e-mails from LBC regarding the status of your shipment. You will also be given a tracking number that you can use to monitor your delivery status.

LBC Shipping Cart works really well and is a great solution for online shoppers. There is also no need to worry about the handling of the products; every item that I’ve ordered, including the hay and pellets that I reviewed in my last entry all arrived in excellent condition.

So, next time you decide to shop online for your beloved pigs’ supplies and accessories, you can now save on shipping costs by availing LBC Shipping Cart’s services! Now you have a wider range of shops to buy from, and you can be ensured that your purchases will be safely delivered to your home.

5 thoughts on “LBC Shipping Cart

  1. Sarah

    That’s sounds really nice for me . I was trying also to look for online guine pig suppliers that ships in the philippines and i haven’t found anything . Thanks a lot for the info 🙂

    1. Claudine Post author

      Hi Jay!

      LBC Shipping Cart charges USD 1.12/pound for sea cargo and USD 5.99/pound for air cargo. As for me, the hay and food package was quite heavy and big (it’s all packed into a large box) so I get charged PHP 1,400 to PHP 1,500 for every delivery (using sea cargo).

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