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Seller review: ILoveMyPets.ph

I am constantly on the lookout for additional sellers to add to my guinea pig resources list; after all, it’s not very easy to find stores that sell guinea pig supplies. Last year, one of our readers recommended World of Furry Friends (ilovemypets.ph) and after seeing their selection for guinea pigs, I readily added it to the list. However, I haven’t had the chance to try their services until recently. After making my first purchase, I wondered why I didn’t try shopping there sooner!

The site lets you browse pet supplies and products according to category, and guinea pig items are under the Small Pet category. The store has a large selection of guinea pig items; they have wood shavings, chew toys, pellets, and hay, among others. They also carry different brands so you will surely find a product that best suits your needs. Before you purchase, you need to create an account where you will enter your payment and shipping details. This feature is incredibly useful because besides having a shopping cart to monitor all the items you bought, you will also track your order through your account page.

For my first purchase, I ordered wood shavings, two bags of timothy hay, and four packs of pellets. A tracking number was given to me after a few days and since it was the holiday season, the seller texted me to notify me that the package might be delayed. But then, it arrived a week after I placed the order, which was sooner than I expected. I really admire their service, they really made sure that my inquiries were addressed. The same happened during my second purchase too, and my order arrived two days after I confirmed my payment. It was incredibly convenient and quick.

You also don’t have anything to worry about when receiving your orders because they make sure that these are packed well; there are even bubble wraps to ensure that they don’t get damaged while in transit. All of my previous purchases arrived quickly and were all in great condition.

The packaging can be hard to remove, but you can really be sure that your order is in good condition.

The packaging can be hard to remove, but you can really be sure that your order is in good condition.

Here's how it looks like when unwrapped!

Here’s how it looks like when unwrapped!

Overall, I highly recommend World of Furry Friends. They have a large selection of items, great service, and prompt delivery. They are very reliable and you can’t go wrong if you decide to order your guinea pig supplies from them!

5 thoughts on “Seller review: ILoveMyPets.ph

  1. Shiela

    Hi Claudine! It’s been a while. 🙂 Shiela here. Good to know that you also like ilovemypets 🙂
    their customer service is excellent . I also have other supplier to recommend for guinea pig stuff in case ilovemypets run out of stocks . I found her at olyx and from then on i bought stuff from her too her products are more cheaper they also have stuff that you can find at ilovemypets they just differ in prices. i only have her number i dont know if she have an online store but if you want just tell me.


  2. Princess De Leon

    I’m kind of really absolutely glad I found your blog XD I just got two piggies recently and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to take care of them. Was just wondering if you knew which seller provides better hay? Cartimar or ilovemypets?

    1. Claudine Post author

      Hi! 🙂

      Ilovemypets is a better seller in my opinion because you get more options in their online store, and the products are of really good quality too. Plus, they deliver anywhere in the PH so I think it’s very convenient.

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