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Update on Freya’s condition

In a previous post, I mentioned that Freya had a hair loss problem that had to be taken care of. I brought her to the vet after discovering her hair loss, and the first thing that the vet did was check for mites and other parasites. She was tested for mites, lice, and fungi, and fortunately they didn’t find anything. Finally, the vet said that her hair loss might be due to stress, but she also gave some medicine just in case.

After some weeks of observation, I think I can really say that Freya has indeed been barbering herself. It seems to me that she no longer enjoys her hay and chew toys. I switched their hay a few weeks back and while Ellie is okay with the new food, Freya has been less receptive to the change. So now, I tried mixing their hay and still giving unlimited amounts of it. After making the switch, Freya’s hair on her tummy seems to be growing back, though I’m not yet sure about the other parts.

I gave her the second dose of her medicine and I’ll post another update on her next visit to the vet after vacation!

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