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Guinea pigs at Taipei Zoo!

Hi everyone! I just came back from Taiwan for a week-long vacation, and I went to lots of interesting places! One of my favorite places was Taipei Zoo, where there are so many animals to see, from pandas to camels, and even penguins! But what delighted me the most was the sight ofย a large family of guinea pigs living in the zoo!


The guinea pigs lived in a large enclosure with many tunnels and wooden houses (that also double as chew toys) to keep them entertained. When I arrived, they were gathered in the middle of their little “village” eating their lunch!


I think they and the other animals can also cross to other areas of the enclosure as well, since a few minutes after lunch was served, a lone rabbit arrived and shared in the abundant feast. It looks like they get along pretty well too!


I really missed Freya and Ellie a lot while I was away and seeing these lively pigs definitely made me a little bit happier! Now if only the girls could have a play date with these pigs!

3 thoughts on “Guinea pigs at Taipei Zoo!

    1. Claudine Post author

      Hi Cherie! ๐Ÿ™‚ No, unfortunately I couldn’t pet the guinea pigs because their living space was enclosed and guests don’t have a way to get in there ๐Ÿ™

  1. Cherie

    Aww, they’re still very cute, though. Thanks for the info! I love guinea pigs and I have family in Taiwan that I hope to visit, so I’ll have to have them take me to the zoo when I do.

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