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Piggy apparel

Recently, I’ve been seeing lots of cute guinea pigs wearing adorable outfits on Instagram. It never occurred to me to dress up Freya and Ellie, but when I found some pet clothes and accessories for guinea pigs, I decided to try it just for fun and maybe post photos online too.

I got the girls a couple of clip-on hats from Furry Tails, SM North EDSA. The store sells different designs and sizes. I chose the smallest size because it’s the perfect size for guinea pigs.

Look at that pretty piggy!

Look at that pretty piggy!

Freya is smiling!

Freya is smiling!

While the hats look great on them and they don’t mind wearing them at all, the clips don’t really hold that well and are falling off easily. Maybe it’s because Freya and Ellie are short-haired, since I’ve seen the hats being worn by Peruvian guinea pigs and there doesn’t seem to be any problem. Maybe it only fits long-haired breeds well because the clips can hold long hair better.

"I didn't do anything, I swear!"

“I didn’t do anything, I swear!”

My dad also got Freya and Ellie some guinea pig blouses during a trip abroad. Apparently, these things are quite common in pet stores abroad.

"Please take it off, hoomin."

“Please take it off, hoomin.”

The blouses look really nice on them but sadly, the girls don’t like wearing them. They easily come off, too. Freya and Ellie just have to contract their bodies and curl up, then the clothes would come off.

it was nice trying to dress up Freya and Ellie, but I think I prefer them in their own skin. I think I’ll just choose to bask in their natural cuteness all day long!

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