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Barbering blues

When I picked up Freya today, I felt that something was off. It wasn’t about her weight, or the feel of her coat. It was something else. I tried to look for signs of health issues until I noticed that her tummy, which used to have lots of light brown hair, was bare!

Freya's barbered tummy

See that dark brown spot? It used to be light brown due to the hair growing on it, but now it’s just a bald spot.

There were still some baby hair growing on her tummy, but it looks like she has been chewing them off because she seems uncomfortable when she’s being held on her tummy. I have no idea why she suddenly started to barber herself; after all, I give her and Ellie unlimited hay and lots of chew toys. I don’t think this is due to mites or lice either, because I just got them checked a few weeks ago and everything was clear with the vet. I’m not sure as to how this happened but I’m trying to observe Freya right now. She’s been pretty picky with her hay recently and sometimes doesn’t even touch her portion. Maybe that’s why she’s resorting to barbering. I’m trying to make changes right now to observe her reaction and it’s a good thing that I discovered this before her tummy got wounded from all the barbering because it would be more difficult to treat by then. I hope everything goes well!

2 thoughts on “Barbering blues

  1. Anon

    Hi! My sheltie had something like that also… Bigla ko nalang nakita na may bald spot siya sa likod. Nung una akala ko din dahil sa parasites so I did my research at nabasa ko na pwedeng cause din ng lack of Vitamin C kase that time inistop ko pagssyringe sakanya, hinahalo ko sa veggies niya tapos bumalik ako sa pagssyringe ayun unti unti tumubo na yung buhok hanggat sa wala na siyang bald spot. Hope this help 🙂

    1. Claudine Post author

      Thanks for this! 🙂 I’m still observing her. I don’t think it’s because of mites or lice too, since Ellie is not affected. Dinadamihan ko na rin yung vitamin C sa kanya, recently kasi naubusan. I’ll update when her condition gets better 🙂

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