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What I do with old pet store cages

If you also switched to a C&C cage just like me, you may be wondering what you should do with your old cages. After all, they cost you so much just to dispose of them, right? Luckily, you don’t need to throw away your old cages because you can still use them for a variety of situations. Here are some of the things I do with old pet store cages:

1. Isolation cage for sick pigs
Sometimes, when one pig gets severely ill, he needs to be separated from the other piggies to avoid the illness from spreading or to enable you to observe him better. In these situations, you can use your old cage to house your sick piggy. This is also applicable when you bring home a new pig; you can use the old cage as a quarantine cage.

2. Enclosure for pigs during cage cleaning
A complete cage cleanup is difficult to do when you have rowdy pigs running out and about! You can’t just put them on the floor since they might chew on something they’re not supposed to or pee on the floor. A better option is to put them inside a temporary housing while you clean their main cage.

3. Carrier
If you’re bringing home a new pig, you would have to spend for a cage to use for transporting him. But why spend money when you can use your old cage to transport him to his new home?

4. Litter box/kitchen/second floor
Guinea pigs can be quite messy with their hay and poop, so putting a kitchen area in your C&C cage is quite a good idea. You can just connect your old cage to your new one and fill it with wood shavings or fleece.

Photo by SheWolfSilver. From here.

The cage bars have been taken off and the base is placed inside the cage for an instant kitchen area. Photo by SheWolfSilver. From here.

Photo by CavyGrandmaa. From here.

The pet store cage (left) is connected to the main cage to serve as an extension, as well as a kitchen area for the pigs. Photo by CavyGrandmaa. From here.

5. Cage for vet/pet sitter visits
When you’re leaving for a few days and you need to bring your little ones to a caretaker, they would usually require you to bring your own cage. You can keep your old cages as reserve cages for these situations.

There are so many different ways to use an old cage so before you dispose of them, think twice and take note of these tips. You might be able to repurpose those old cages and still make them useful, thus giving you your money’s worth!

Do you have old cages lying around at home? Do you still use them? Tell me in the comments!

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      If you mean the cube grids, I see a lot of them in the places you mentioned. But I think they go out of stock very easily, so you can also go to 168 Mall or Divisoria. They also sell cube grids there in different sizes. Hope this helps!

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