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Preparing your piggies for the rainy season

Summer is over and the rainy season is officially here. In a few weeks, we will start seeing heavier rains and the weather will get so much cooler. With these changes in mind, we should start preparing our piggies for the rainy season through the tips below:

1. Keep them indoors
If you keep your piggies outdoors, it’s time to move them indoors and make sure they stay elevated in case of flooding. Being indoors helps ensure that your piggies stay warm and protected from the heavy rains. Plus, you will also get to keep an eye on them and be able to supervise their needs better.

2. Replace bedding more frequently
The humidity brought on by the rainy weather will only make the piggies’ wet bedding even wetter, especially if it’s fleece. Moist or wet bedding is not good for guinea pigs because besides the fact that it’s unhygienic, it also becomes a breeding ground for germs which may cause illness in your guinea pigs.

3. Provide more cage accessories for snuggling and hiding
The rainy season can bring cold weather which can be quite overwhelming for the piggies’ bodies, especially coming from last month’s hot summer. Cage accessories such as pigloos and fleece tents will help them stay warm and help them ease boredom at the same time. It does not need to be store-bought; you can also make your own!

4. Keep fans and appliances that can cause draft away from the cage
Your guinea pigs’ bodies are sensitive to drafts and they can develop upper respiratory infections if they are exposed to drafts. Since the weather is already cold, keep the fans away from the direction of their cage, and focus on locating them in places that would keep them relatively warm.

5. Give them vitamin C
Like humans, guinea pig bodies do not produce their own vitamin C so they need supplements from the food they eat. Since the cold weather makes guinea pigs more susceptible to upper respiratory infections, they will benefit greatly if they are given vitamin C supplements (if you aren’t doing so already) besides their daily veggie share. This will help boost their immune system and fight off illness.

I hope these tips helped you prepare for the rainy season and in turn help your piggies stay healthy during this gloomy weather. Stay safe everyone!

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