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How I prepare my guinea pig carrier

If you’re taking a piggy home for the first time, bringing it to the vet, or taking it on a road trip, you need a good guinea pig carrier to help them feel comfortable and safe during their travels with you.

(I use an ordinary dog carrier normally seen in pet stores, but there are also carriers made specifically for guinea pigs in some pet supply shops. They usually come in a smaller size and are much more lightweight, but these kinds of carriers can only carry one guinea pig. The steps I will detail below can apply to all kinds of carriers.)

Carrier minus veggies for the trip. The wood shavings are thick at the back part because that's usually where they stay!

Carrier minus veggies for the trip. The wood shavings are thick at the back part because that’s usually where they stay!

  1. First, put a lining on the carrier’s bottom, such as layers of newspaper. I like to make the layers thick (about 20 pages thick) so that the bottom doesn’t easily get wet from the piggies’ urine.
  2. After putting the bottom layers, you can put some wood shavings (about 1 inch) so the urine doesn’t stick on your piggies’ fur. But take care not to put too much on the areas near the door of the carrier; the piggies might kick them out of the cage and cause a mess. What I do is that I put the most shavings in the areas where they stay the most (i.e. at the back of the carrier or at the farthest corner).
  3. Put lots of hay at the back of the carrier for them to munch or lay on. Even during a trip, they still need their unlimited hay!
  4. Put some veggies in the carrier. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce always work. You should also consider putting juicy fruits or vegetables (e.g. cucumber, tomato, celery, grapes, strawberries) especially during trips where they won’t have access to water for several hours.
  5. Add pigs!

Safe travels to you and your guinea pig! 🙂

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  1. Jhanz

    Yay for guinea pigs! One of my roommates used to own one and we play with it a lot. Although I’m not sure if pets are really for me… hehe

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