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How to keep your piggies cool in summer

Now that it’s officially summer, we can expect some unbearably hot days and prepare accordingly for them. But if you think that you’re already uncomfortable even with your most summer-ready wear, your piggies are just as uncomforable as you are with the heat! In fact, guinea pigs do not do well in hot weather and can even die from heat stroke if not managed well. Thus, here are a few tips to help you keep your piggies cool in the Philippines’ intense summer heat:

1. Move them indoors.
It’s not recommended to keep guinea pigs outside, especially with the intense and erratic climate that we have. But if you do happen to have outdoor pigs, bring them inside and keep them away from windows and direct sunlight. Not only will the shade help them stay away from the heat, it will also be easier to watch after them and give them what they need if they stay indoors with you.

2. Provide a constant supply of water.
Like us, guinea pigs have a higher chance to get dehydrated when it is too hot, so provide them with lots of water at all times to help them stay hydrated. They will finish a bottle faster than usual so remember to refill as needed!

3. Turn on the fan or air-conditioner.
If your piggies are staying in a room with a fan or air-conditioner, turn these appliances on to get the room temperature to a comfortable level. Be careful not to direct the air to them though, as strong drafts may cause illness to your guinea pigs.

4. Put an ice pack in their cage.
On days when the heat is intense, an ice pack may help keep your piggies cool and comfortable. There are different ways of doing this: I use a plastic bag or ziploc packed with ice or a frozen water or softdrink bottle wrapped up in a towel. When your piggies are feeling hot, they might stay beside the ice packs to cool themselves.

5. Serve juicy veggies and fruits.
Guinea pigs love to eat, so this is also a good way to hydrate them while at the same time ensuring that they get all the nutrients they need. Tomato, celery, grapes, and cucumber are the girls’ favorites!

I hope these tips helped you get ready for the summer! If you have other tips, share them in the comments 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to keep your piggies cool in summer

  1. Sydney

    Hi! I’m just wondering, is there an alternative for using a fan? I’m worried that if we keep the electricfan on for the whole day, it might overheat.

    1. Claudine Post author

      Hello Sydney! 🙂

      You don’t need to leave the fan on for the whole day, maybe just during the time of the day when the temperature is at its hottest. As long as they’re indoors, they’ll be better protected from dehydration and heat stroke. Just be sure to provide lots of water throughout the day and don’t expose them to direct sunlight. If you’re still worried that they might get heat stroke, you can provide an ice pack to put near their cage.

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