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5 Reasons Why I Love My Piggies

Caring for guinea pigs is definitely fulfilling, and I take pride in the fact that my two girls are happy under my care. But most of the time, my friends and other people just don’t understand what makes my piggies special or why I love them so much.

Well, if you are one of those people who just don’t get guinea pigs, read on:

  1. They’re too adorable for words.
    Do we even need an explanation for this one? Just looking at my two girls’ faces brightens my day and keeps all the bad vibes away.


    How can you say no to these cute faces?

  2. They make adorable sounds,¬†especially when they’re greeting you or asking you for food!
    Freya and Ellie live on the second floor of our house, but they know when the fridge or the kitchen door has been opened. When that happens, they let out the loudest and cutest wheek they can produce!
  3. They actually learn your routine!
    Freya and Ellie know my routine VERY WELL, and they adapt to routine changes as well. They know what time I have to get up for work (6:00 AM) because I feed them first thing in the morning after I wake up. They know all their feeding times and they also know when it’s about time for me to arrive from work. There are even some cases when they would wait by the side of their cage and stand by it when I’m about to greet them. With smart piggies like them, who needs an alarm clock?
  4. They make lovely cuddle buddies once they’ve warmed up to you.
    Guinea pigs are born nervous. It can be frustrating for newbies, but it’s part of their nature. But when they have become used to you, most of them make wonderful lap pigs, and they will settle comfortably on your lap or on your bed or wherever you decide to bond with them. This is especially true of Ellie, who will even fall asleep on my lap on certain occasions.
  5. Their “popcorn” is the definition of complete happiness.
    I’m sure other cavy slaves will agree with this statement. Guinea pigs only do the popcorn when they’re very, very happy or excited and personally, seeing them popcorn makes me feel that I am doing a great job in taking care of them. Plus, it looks really cute too!

What do you love about your guinea pigs? Let me know in the comments!

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