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A typical vet visit for Freya and Ellie

Today, I brought the girls to the vet for their deworming shots. Now, I always find it funny whenever I bring Freya and Ellie to the vet because they’re almost always the only guinea pigs (and the only exotic pets, for that matter) at the clinic whenever we visit. I get lots of different reactions from other pet owners and vet assistants, but here’s a typical day at the vet for Freya and Ellie:

  1. Upon entry, the attendant will ask: “Where is your pet?” because they don’t see me with a leash.
  2. While waiting for our turn, other pet owners would peek at the carrier and would exclaim, “Oh, a hamster/puppy/kitten/rabbit!”
  3. Weighing time! When I take the girls out to be weighed, people would say stuff along the lines of: “They’re so cute!”, “So that’s how a guinea pig looks like!”, or “They don’t look like rats!”


    Your reaction when people call you a hamster

  4. The vet will greet them and swoon over how fat and big they’ve become (the vet has known them since they were babies)
  5. The girls would cry when the deworming shots are administered, and most of the people in the clinic (including other vets) would come to them and comfort them. Freya and Ellie dread vet day, but it’s nice to know that other people and the doctors at the clinic really love it when they’re around. That makes the whole visit less stressful for them!


Do you have any guinea pig vet stories? Where do you usually bring your guinea pigs when they’re sick?

4 thoughts on “A typical vet visit for Freya and Ellie

        1. Claudine Post author

          The consultation fee is typically around PHP250-300 for each pig. Then the additional costs depend on what other procedures were done during their check-up 🙂

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