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Naughty or Nice: Ellie

In the spirit of the holidays and for a nice year-ender, I decided to share some cute moments of my piggies; and of course, the best way to do this right now is through a Naughty or Nice post (though I feel like the piggies won’t like me exposing some things about them! Heehee).

Let me start with Ellie’s nice moment! I like the moment when Freya had to be separated because of her URI and Ellie looked for her the whole time. And when she was reunited with her cagemate, she tried grooming her and playing piggy train with her! So sweet!

But that’s not to say she hasn’t had some naughty moments too! I personally wouldn’t forget those times that she would get Freya’s veggies during scavenger hunt time. Freya hides her veggies in a designated place and goes out looking for more, but sometimes Ellie would no longer bother to look for food and would just get some from Freya’s stash! Smart, but naughty!

Was your piggy naughty or nice this year? Tell us in the comments!

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