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Keeping guinea pigs calm during fireworks

The New Year’s celebration is coming up; it’s almost time for merrymaking, good, food, and the thing that everyone looks forward to: fireworks!

We humans may like it when the fireworks are about to start, but our dear piggies dread it. After all, guinea pigs have very good sense of hearing and are even sensitive to sounds that humans cannot hear; so if the fireworks already sound so loud to human ears, just imagine how it sounds to our cavies! Here are some ways to help our piggies stay calm during the festivities:

  1. Place them in a quiet room.
    It would be ideal if you choose the room that is farthest from where the fireworks are being lit so they would hear less noise.
  2. Play some music or turn on the TV.
    Soft and soothing music works best to prevent them from being stressed. The television may also serve as a “background noise” for your piggies and help them become more relaxed. It does not have to be loud; a moderate volume would be good, as long as some of the noise from the fireworks is being drowned out. If you are going to play music, you can create a playlist hours before the celebration and play it before the fireworks starts, so that your piggies would come to associate the music with quiet time.
  3. Provide them with hidey houses.
    Guinea pigs feel safer when they have places to hide in, so provide them with hidey houses during this stressful time. This will provide them with an “escape” when they feel stressed from all the noise they are hearing. Don’t force them to come out if they don’t feel like it, too.
  4. Give them their favorite treats.
    Sure, they may hide in their houses the whole time, but they would also feel better if they see their favorite food in the room. Their favorite treats would even serve as some kind of distraction from all the noise because, let’s admit it, guinea pigs don’t seem to care about anything or anyone when they’re eating. In fact, during their first New Year at home, Freya and Ellie just chomped on their favorite veggies and hay during the whole celebration.
  5. Stay with them and talk to them calmly.
    If they’re scared of the fireworks, don’t just leave them in the room! This would only increase their stress levels. Stay with them and talk to them in a calm manner, assure them that everything’s going to be okay. I admit, this was difficult at first because I am also scared of fireworks. I hid with them in the room but I was just as fidgety as they are. But remember, if you are calm, they would be too. If you really need to leave, or if you want to watch the fireworks as well, be sure to check on them every once in a while to remind them that you’re with them.

Do you have other tips for the New Year? Share them in the comments!

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