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Why you should find a vet before adopting

A common question among piggy parents in the Philippines is about finding a cavy savvy vet in the country. Some of the people who asked this had very ill pigs that needed immediate medical attention, but could not find vets who will treat their piggies. These kinds of problems can be prevented if you find a suitable vet even before you adopt your piggy.

Now some might say, “I will be getting/buying/adopting a perfectly healthy pig, so why should I bother finding a vet if it’s not sick?” Well, guinea pigs from pet shops endure terrible living conditions that make them susceptible to lice and mites. What’s more, they could also be suffering from bumblefoot, URI, or any other sickness.

How about for adopted pigs? Since we have no guinea pig shelters in the Philippines that take care and monitor the development of adoptable piggies, a vet check-up is still recommended, especially if the pig previously suffered from neglect and mishandling.

But of course, the best reason for having a vet ready is having access to regular check-ups that your piggy needs and being able to give immediate treatment in case of emergencies. When guinea pigs begin exhibiting symptoms, it means that the illness is progressing or has progressed and must be looked into as soon as possible. Knowing that a vet is there to help your pig during these times will give you peace of mind, as well as saving you the hassle of calling up random vet offices, not knowing if they would treat guinea piga or not. But most importantly, this means that your piggy will receive excellent care and lots of attention from a good vet, making it a happy and healthy pet.

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