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Storing hay: How to reduce hay mess (and make hay last longer!)

As cavy slaves, we all have one problem about our piggies’ hay: they make so much mess!

No matter where we put their hay, be it in a hay rack or loose in the cage, the hay just tends to fly everywhere. Don’t even get me started on storing it! It’s really difficult finding a good storage place for hay, where its quality will not diminish. It’s also hard pulling the hay out from the plastic packaging, isn’t it? And admit it, it’s not nice seeing lots of plastic bags and other packages of guinea pig supplies lying around your house. Well, I’ve got a solution for you now! Actually, the solution is simple and can actually be found in your home.

We have an unused plastic drum in our laundry area and it has not been touched in a long time, so I thought I could use it as a non-mess hay storage. It actually works well! So I just emptied the hay’s original packaging and transferred everything into the drum, and it really helped reduce the mess in hay storage. The piggies’ cage area looks neater, too, because all those plastic bags containing their hay are gone!

But there is actually more than one benefit to this type of storage than just reducing mess: I was also pleasantly surprised because when the hay was in its original packaging, I thought there was too little hay in it, but when I put it into the plastic drum I found that the hay expanded and it could actually last us a few weeks. It really saves you time and money because you get more hay and it lasts longer while still retaining the quality.

The hay's original packaging

The hay’s original packaging

The plastic drum I used for storing my hay

The plastic drum I used for storing my hay

Who would have thought that small package could hold so much hay?

Who would have thought that a small package could hold so much hay?

If you don’t have a plastic drum to hold your hay, an old or unused laundry basket also works well. But be sure it has no holes because that defeats the purpose of non-mess hay storage! I found that a laundry basket with fabric works wonders so you can use that as well.

Are you also having problems with hay storage? How do you store your hay and other piggy supplies? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Data

    Hey, human! Why do you give bad ideas to other bipods?! I just love dragging hay in my cage and spread it all over the place! Hmmm, I’ll put your blog in our blogroll just to keep an eye on you!

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