Wheeky Piggy

Piggy dominance

Many guinea pigs are close to their cagemates and Freya and Ellie are no exception. But sometimes even good piggy friends have dominance issues. This is inevitable especially with my two girls, who are both territorial. Usually there is nothing to worry about unless one of the pigs starts displaying more aggressive behavior or inflicts damage on the other pig. When they do have these moments, I just let them be. But then last week’s situation was quite amusing┬áso I thought I’d share it with everyone!

First, a quick background: They were out for floortime in a new place and Freya was using Ellie’s litter box. Ellie wanted to pee in it but Freya wouldn’t budge and was claiming it as hers so they both started swaying their bums from side to side and doing that rumble sound (signs of dominance). I wasn’t able to capture the last part, but Ellie ended up peeing outside the box. Poor girl!

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