Wheeky Piggy

Ellie and her favorite bear


I love you, Mr. Bear!

Many guinea pigs have favorite toys or cage accessories, but I always have a difficult time shopping for my girls because they’re just too picky; oftentimes, they don’t like the toys or accessories I buy and end up liking common household materials instead, which I use to make simple toys for them.

This is why I was surprised when I took Ellie out for lap time; she wasn’t just sitting still as always; instead, she was going crazy over the thing that was beside me: a huge teddy bear.

So I put her down and let her walk towards the teddy bear. She looked at it for a while and smelled it, and when she finally felt comfortable, she just sat on the bear’s lap and was making soft noises as though she was talking to the bear. So cute!

Soooo comfy!

Soooo comfy!

I seriously think she has fallen in love with it. On her next days with the bear she would even fall asleep on its lap, and she really loves it, so much so that she whines when I let her go back to her cage after cuddle time.

Will you put Mr. Bear in my cage, mommy?

Will you put Mr. Bear in my cage, mommy?

What are your guinea pigs’ favorite toys? 🙂

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