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Making your own guinea pig toys [that they will actually play with]!

Have you ever experienced looking through photos of guinea pig cages or playpens and thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of toys. I’d love those for my guinea pigs too!” only to find out that they’re too expensive or worse, your local pet supply store doesn’t carry them? Bummer, right? As much as possible, we all want good toys and accessories that don’t require us to spend too much and that’s fine, because the good news is that guinea pigs aren’t very picky with their toys. That means we can make our own toys and we can be sure that our beloved cavies will love them too! Here are some things that I have tried with my guinea pigs and are a guaranteed hit:

1. Cardboard boxes

In my previous post I stated that hidey houses are essential parts of a cage setup because it gives guinea pigs a space to make them feel safe. If you’re finding the commercial hidey houses and igloos expensive, you can make your own with cardboard boxes or shoeboxes in your home. Just cut an opening for the guinea pig and put it in their cage or play space. Instant house for your piggies! And if your piggies are like mine, they would move that house around their cage or play space. It’s a really funny sight!


Freya in her shoebox hidey. The irregular shape at the side of the entryway is due to her gnawing on the box. But since it’s cardboard, there should be no problem 🙂

2. Grocery bags

Grocery bags serve a double purpose for me: they are places to store hay during floortime, but they also serve as my piggies’ rest area (since they can sit there for a long time and just munch away). These are my Freya and Ellie’s favorite, so much so that they rest inside the bags and mark it as their nesting place. You just need to get a brown paper bag that is big enough for your guinea pigs to go into, and lay it on its side. You can tear a little bit of the “roof” and fold it too. Finally, stuff hay inside it and watch them burrow and dig through it! Be warned though, there are guinea pigs who would go inside the bags, munch on the hay, and never come out so be prepared for some poop and pee cleanup afterwards.


“Yes, all this hay is mine! Not sharing!”

"Heeeey, you saw that?!"

“Heeeey, you saw that?!”

"This is pretty comfy, mommy!"

“This is pretty comfy, mommy!”

3. Tissue box hay dispenser/holder

Sometimes when I have extra tissue boxes, I like to hide their hay and veggies in them. The hay will stick out similar to the way the tissue sticks out at the top when it’s full. It’s really fun looking at them pull their food out.

4. Crumpled newspapers

My little Freya loves this. She would just roll the newspaper and dig through it until she sees a strand of hay! You can also stuff their favorite treats such as fruits in these papers. Sometimes the girls would toss the papers around, finding a way to expose the contents inside. 😀


Freya’s gone! Ellie tries to have all the hay to herself 😉


5. Toilet paper rolls

The next time you finish consuming a roll of toilet paper, don’t throw out that cardboard roll! Instead, stuff some hay in it, give it to your piggies, and watch them have fun! But before you do that, be sure to cut a slit at the side of the roll so that your piggies won’t get stuck in case they decide to put their heads in to dig for more hay. 🙂


These are just some of the cheapest guinea pig toys that you can make by yourself. Why, if you have lots of stuff at home that you’re not using, why not find a new purpose for it by turning it into something that your guinea pigs will love? Remember, things that seem useless to us may seem interesting to your curious guinea pigs.

Have you ever tried making these toys for your piggies? Or are there other DIY guinea pig toys that people should know about? Tell me in the comments!

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