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A look at Freya and Ellie’s cage

This morning, I went on with my weekly fleece replacement and complete cage cleaning, so I thought I would post a preview of my current cage (current, because I will replace the coroplast base soon) and what I have in it. I’m using a very basic, single level C&C cage that I made all by myself. I hope I get the coroplast measurements correct this time!


When I was starting out on building this cage, I checked PandaLoki‘s blog on where to find the materials. I had an especially hard time with the grids because when I went shopping the Ace Hardware in our place just ran out of stock of grids, but I found mine secondhand at Sulit/OLX. The seller did not have the connectors anymore, but it’s fine because I connected the grids using zip cable ties. I found the corrugated plastic base at National Bookstore, I think I bought it for P50 per sheet. I highly recommend building a C&C cage because the overall cost of building the cage is far less than buying the largest pet store cage you can find, which costs around P2000-P3000. I only spent less than P1500 for this, and this 2×4 cage is more than double the size of a pet store cage. Trust me, your guinea pigs will live happier and healthier lives inside a spacious cage.

I use fleece bedding for Ellie and Freya’s cage because I find it easier to clean, and I find it less smelly than wood shavings. Oh, and if you buy a fleece blanket with prints or designs, they will really give life to the cage! But right now I opted for a plain fleece blanket so I can see the dirt and hay more easily. Tip on using fleece bedding though: When you first get the fleece blanket, don’t put it in the cage right away. You need to wash it 2-3 times for it to be effective in wicking the urine. And when washing it, DO NOT put fabric softener since the fleece will not be able to wick the urine if you do this, and it will easily become wet and smelly. You do not want that.

I also have corner litter boxes for the girls and they have given me a far easier time cleaning the cage. The fleece lasts for twice as long, meaning I don’t have to worry about the smell for a long time because my girls know how to poop and pee in the boxes. There will always be accidental poo outside the litter box (especially in the igloo hideys), but at least they know how to pee there.

Then, they also have those igloos. I actually got these from the United States when I went on vacation but you can buy these for a far lower price at Pet Supply Depot. They have different sizes to choose from. The one for guinea pigs is the medium size, and they have small size for hamster and large size for rabbits. Guinea pigs need hidey houses in their cages because they can go there if they want to feel safe and secure. If you want a cheaper alternative, I’ll post some tips for you next time!

Finally, the hay and pellet bin feeder! I absolutely love this. It’s a real space saver and gives the girls more space to run around the cage. I got this from the United States too, but they also sell this in Cartimar. You can also use the bowl for their vegetables; my girls love digging through the bowl to find their favorite veggie bits!

What kind of cage are you using now and what do you have in it? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments section! 🙂

8 thoughts on “A look at Freya and Ellie’s cage

  1. Alexa Marie Gutierrez

    hi! i’m wondering, since their cages are open, are you not worried that maybe mice could get it and do something to the piggies? i’m planning to have guinea pigs soon and the thought of their home being invaded by mice is freaking me out! 🙁

    thanks! 🙂

    1. Claudine

      Hi Alexa,

      Mice and rats don’t get into our house anymore because of the three cats we have outside our house, but I do get what you mean, it’s a really scary thought! But let me tell you this: even if there are mice, they will not go into your piggies’ cage if it’s always kept clean and no leftover veggies and fruits are left behind at the end of the day. That’s what attracts mice so as long as you have a clean cage you should have no problems. If you’re still worried, you can try to elevate the cage to reduce the chances of mice coming into the cage.

      Good luck with your piggies!

    1. Claudine Post author

      Hi there!

      I bought the fleece at Surplus in Megamall, they have fleece blankets that they’re selling for P250, but they also have sales where you can buy two blankets for P400 only 🙂


  2. MAU

    Hi! I searched all over different Ace Hardware branches but none of them are selling the grids I want. I searched in Olx too, but still none. ;_; Please help.

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