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Hello everyone, and welcome to WheekyPiggy.ph, a blog dedicated to sharing my experiences in taking care of my two Abyssinian guinea pigs named Ellie and Freya, as well as tips on caring for guinea pigs in the Philippines! I know there are so many guinea pig blogs on the web right now, but only a few sites and blogs cater to Philippine cavy owners. By starting this blog, I hope I can entertain people with stories about my guinea pigs and help new guinea pig owners in caring for their precious pets.

I’ve always wanted to write about my guinea pigs or post photos of them, but I never really got around to it until I got an idea from a post in the Philippines Association for Guinea Pig Facebook group. I had the same problems as many of the users have when I was still starting. Like them, I researched about guinea pigs before taking care of them. I learned so many things and found inspiration in foreign sites but I wondered how I would go about doing those things with the resources that I can find here in the country. To make the long story short, I did manage to do so much with what can be found here in the Philippines. Now, I think that posting about my experiences taking care of guinea pigs would be the perfect way to give them some tips on how to take care of their own pets given the resources that we have here in the country.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences taking care of my guinea pigs, and I hope you learn something from us! 🙂

cropped-jad_67081.jpgEllie and Freya welcome you to our world too! 🙂



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